In 1980, Bishop Wilson was ordained a Minister of Jesus Christ. In 1983, he was sent on a temporary assignment to pastor the Refuge Temple church in Eunice, LA. The previous pastor was planning to take a leave of absence.  Bishop Wilson and his wife traveled back and forth to Eunice.  They labored for 5 months constructing and establishing the church. When the original pastor returned, the church had increased. Then, Bishop Wilson returned to the Lake Charles church.

He received numerous prophecies and words of knowledge concerning his calling and future ministry.  He received prophecies from God and pondered on them in his heart. Bishop Wilson remained humble and continued to seek God. Bishop Wilson was multi-faceted in his service.  He was once taught Bible study and Sunday school.  He was a member of the choir, a church musician, as well as a counselor on the prison, tent revival, street meetings, and outreach ministries. God has truly honored his labor of love. Bishop Wilson saw the prophecies concerning his ministry come to pass. God used every one of his experiences to develop and prepare him in His word.

In 1984, God laid upon Apostle Archie’s heart to organize a tent revival in Welsh, LA. Many souls were saved and added to the kingdom of God. Bishop Wilson was sent to Welsh to conduct at-home Bible studies with the newly converted saints. The Bible studies quickly expanded to the degree that there was not enough space in the homes for those in attendance. It was decided that an outreach church would be established in Welsh, LA, where Bishop Wilson was appointed to be pastor.  He continued there for 11 years.  The church grew and prospered.

There was such a burden for the ministry and a great call of God upon Apostle Archie.  In 1996, Apostle merged the Welsh church with the Lake Charles church.  Bishop Wilson became the Senior Pastor of the Lake Charles church. This arrangement allowed Apostle to pursue the higher call of God on his life, the world-wide ministry of “Reconciling All Men Back Unto God.” The message and ministry that Bishop Wilson has is identical to that of Apostle Archie. They are of same mind and are on one accord.  Bishop Wilson states that he will continue to grow in God, pursue God’s purpose for his life, and work side-by-side with his Apostle.