Pastor Matthew King

Pastor King was born in Lake Charles, LA.  He has been married to Angela L. King for 28 years. God has blessed them with two sons and one daughter. At the young age of 13, Pastor King received the Holy Ghost. During those early years, he encountered many false teachings and became discouraged along the way. God led him on a quest for true holiness, when he began to search for someone who was a true servant of God, in word and deed.  At the 25 years of age, Pastor King met Apostle Wendell Archie.  At that time, Pastor King was renewed with the Holy Ghost.  God’s calling on his life was confirmed by prophecy.

He states that he was blessed to have the opportunity to spend quality time with Bishop. During this time, he was an eye-witness to the life of Christ in the flesh.  Pastor King noted Bishop’s devotion and true allegiance to God in prayer, fasting, and compassion toward the people of God.

Throughout his time in the ministry, he witnessed the sick become healed, devils cast out of people, and souls restored unto God.  The scriptures and prophecies were fulfilled under the administration of Apostle Archie.  Pastor King became active in the choir, prison, nursing home, hospital, street meetings, and outreach ministries.  As time progressed, God gave him a burden for the youth and he labored under the authority of Bishop Archie.

In 2003, Apostle Archie began a new work in Beaumont, TX.  Pastor King was sent to assist Pastor John Bush in this work. In 2006, Pastor Bush was sent to start a new work in Dallas, TX. Then, Pastor King was appointed to continue the work in Beaumont.

On October 28, 2006, he was ordained by Bishop Archie as Pastor over the Beaumont church. God continues to bless the ministry tremendously as He stated in the prophecy. God said, “I would bring forth a people from near and far into righteousness and holiness.” There is currently a diverse group of people.  God is calling all ethnicities. Pastor King and his family have been in the ministry for 28 years.  Their desire and God given purpose is to execute the vision of the ministry of God, “Holiness Unto The Lord For All People,” and “Reconciling All Men Back Unto God.” The knowledge of the truth is the mission of the ministry. The world will know that God has not left himself without a witness.