Pastor LJ Miller

Pastor Louis (“LJ”) Miller was born in Welch, La.  He has been married to Shannon Diaz Miller for almost 18 years. God has blessed him with two children a Daughter named Briana “Bri” Babineaux since the age of 3 and Isaiah Miller.

At the young age of 19, in 1996 while attending Dillard University on a Basketball Scholarship, Pastor Robert Tucker came to the school and ran a revival and it was at those moments that spark a curiosity to know more of God’s word. At that time Pastor Miller began to seek direction and that’s when he ran into a close friend named Troy Raney from Iowa, La where he was reared as a child. After being witnessed to by him and seeing the change in his life, it was evident to him that he needed that same change. Pastor Miller got desperate and zealous for God seeing the change in a childhood friend whom he looked up to and what God did for him he wanted that same result. At his grandmother’s house he began to cry out to God asking god to fill him with the Holy Ghost and his life was no longer the same. After receiving the Holy Ghost he became a member at the 1st location which was Refuge Temple Ministries, Inc. (Lake Charles Location) under the Leadership of Apostle Wendell Archie and later Bishop Leonard Wilson. Pastor Miller began to be fed the sincere milk of God’s word that ignited him to want to learn more and more of God’s word.

Pastor LJ Miller began to watch the lives of these two men and the way they ministered gave him the tenacity to service God in that same manner. He began to study God’s word and get with the Elders of the Ministry and his peers whose purpose and Goals were the same. In doing so God began to make major changes in his life at a rapid speed. In 1997 he moved to Lafayette, La and became a member of Refuge Temple Ministries, Inc. (Lafayette, La Location) under leadership of Bishop Joseph E. Carmouche and that’s when he realized why he always studied God’s word with so much intensity, because God was about to move him to places he had never been before. In moving to Lafayette, La he began to get with the elders such as: Pastor Troy Jordan (Associate Pastor) whom he lived with at the time, Minister Bobby Diaz (whom later became his father-in-law) and Minister William “Bill” Harris (who was his Co-Worker) and they began to instill the work ethic that gave him stability and a foundation in God both Spiritually and Naturally.

In 1998 he was ordained as a minister at the tender age of 22. Pastor LJ Miller began to Minister more and more continuing to allow God to use him as a servant. In 2008 he was Ordained as an Assistant to the Pastors and at this time he began to be called upon by Bishop Carmouche and others to be vital part in the Ministry. Pastor Miller joined Security for a short time, Director of Youth Ministry, Assigned over a team of Counselors; Administrator in Men’s Ministry and conducted Leadership Trainings along with his wife. In 2013 he was sent at the time to the newest church location, which was Refuge Temple Ministries, Inc. (Baton Rouge Location) where he served under the direction of Pastor Michael Moore as the Assistant Pastor; However In 2014 Pastor Miller was ordained at Camp Meeting by Apostle Wendell Archie to Pastor Refuge Temple Ministries, Inc at Baton Rouge, La along with Pastor Michael Moore. In that transition Pastor Miller and his family began to face many adversities by the hand of enemy, but Pastor Miller knew that the enemy was trying to derail God’s plan for his entire household.

After much prayer and supplication, God Made a way and his wife and children are all laboring in ministry as God has required of them to do.

Pastor Miller is often reflects on his life and it’s a blessing to be a part of a Ministry that all about reconciliation and serving others. Pastor Miller also knows if it wasn’t for this ministry his life could have been a whole lot different and it was God’s Grace and Mercy that saved him.  Pastor Miller is eternally also grateful to his spiritual mothers in the Gospel such as: Prophetess Deborah Shelvin, Prophetess Marie Jordan, Sis. Marion Diaz  and Sis. Peggy Farve their unconditional love and guidance became a vital part of his life.