Pastor John Bush 

In 1973, Pastor Bush attended a revival in Indianapolis, IN, where Apostle Archie was the guest speaker.  Pastor Bush left the revival a changed man, desiring the same zeal and passion that Apostle Archie exemplified.  Pastor Bush had a new fire and was fully prepared to follow a true man of God.   In 1978, Pastor Bush, along with his wife, Gloria, and their children relocated from Indianapolis, IN to Houston, TX, to follow Apostle Archie.  During this time, he served under Jimmy Archie for 6 years.

In 1984, Pastor Bush joined Refuge Tabernacle under the leadership of Pastor Archie Hayward. Pastor Bush began evangelizing, and preaching to those in the local community.  He would conduct open-air services, and compel people to come to Christ.  He would also travel with Apostle Archie to Slidell, LA, Lafayette, LA, Welsh, LA, Lake Charles, LA, Beaumont, LA, and Houston, TX.  They even went as far as Jamaica to minister the Word of God. God began to deal with Pastor Bush in visions on how he would one day assist Apostle full time in the ministry.

In 1988, while en route to Lake Charles, LA for the annual Camp Meeting revival, a head-on automobile collision changed his life forever.  Two of his children were killed. Pastor Bush suffered several cracked ribs and a broken pelvis.  The doctor’s prognosis was that he would never walk again.  However, through faith and much prayer, Pastor Bush made a complete recovery.  He walked out of the hospital with a stronger zeal to carry out the work that God had commissioned him to do.

In 1990, Pastor Bush joined Refuge Temple Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Jimmy Guillory in Houston, TX.   In 1998, he was ordained as Assistant Bishop to Apostle Archie. In 2000, he was ordained as a pastor.  Then, he was sent to Beaumont, TX to establish a ministry.  In 2006, he moved to Dallas, TX to establish and pastor the church there.  For three years, services were held in Cedar Hill, TX in the fellowship hall of a Baptist church.   Every weekend, Pastor Bush and his family traveled from Houston to Dallas to officiate church services.   In 2009, the church services were held in a shopping mall suite for nearly 4 years.  In 2012, the Dallas congregation moved to a church facility in Red Oak, TX, which is now the permanent home for Refuge Temple Ministries at Dallas. The building is situated on 2 ½ acres of land.

Currently, the ministry is a part of a coalition that grants access to the Texas prisons. This allows the ministers to witness to the inmates.  RTM Dallas is also a part of a non-profit organization called Fathers Feeding Families that provides free meals to families that are in need. Furthermore, the ministers regularly conduct outreach at Dallas Life, a Christian-based shelter.